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Actual Keylogger 3.2 Full Version (Pre – Activated)

Actual Keylogger 3.2 Full Version Pre – Cracked


Actual Keylogger – is a Keylogging tool for pc that monitors the activity on your computer which helps you to know about that what other users are doing on your computer when you are not present. It can also be used as spying tool to get information from some one other’s computer.


Features of Actual Keylogger 3.2 : 

  • Actual Keylogger records:
  • Which applications are run and closed
  • All keystrokes pressed (keystroke logger)
  • All content copied to the clipboard
  • All print activity
  • Any disk changes
  • Any Internet connections made, and all websites visited
  • Startup/shutdown operations
  • Screen captures for a set time period
  • Encrypted log files for all activity
  • Reports in text and html format
  • Standard and hidden operating modes
  • Invisibility in all operating systems in hidden mode – even in process lists
  • Password protected logs for extra security
  • A convenient interface for screenshot/log view
  • Reports sent by email, FTP or local area network
  • Fast installation and flexible configuration
  • Easy-to-use interface and powerful features

Method for activating Actual Keylogger 3.2 for free ?

Install Actual Keylogger 3.2 Preactivated Version Setup.exe
(No Crack Required) because it is pre – cracked edition of Actual Keylogger 3.2.. 

Download Links !

Download Actual Keylogger 3.2 + Crack.RAR / Link 2 / Link 3 (2 MB)


  1. wow thank guys i gate it wow tnx a lot i can be a hacker after here !!!!!

  2. i would like to say thanks
    for this provider so fantastic its free and work 100%
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    keep doing that

  3. This is also my question
    disambiguation:act–key\act–ke\actualkeylogger preactivated.exe is a windows executable, do you want run it? (“No”to try open it as archive ) HINT: some excutables may not properly run unless the whole archive is extracted before
    what dose that mean when i try to install in some computer the keylogger dose not save any configuration and it dose not test by email it dose not record any key stock what was the reason ???

  4. extract it with winrar and then install it 🙂
    Keep Visiting…. Software Hax

  5. okay Thank bro it works by use this extroctor

  6. hey can u give me winrar extractro Software link?
    or if u have free and cracked version of winrar extractor pls give me now the link???

  7. hello guys ur software are so best ever and easy to download and to use it
    thanks for ur free service
    but let me ask u to upload it anti deep freezer

  8. WeLcum and just keep visiting

  9. is there any body here wowo thanks thanks thanks i reach on my dream thanks
    but i have question on some pc when i install it to hack them their antivirus such as avast is bolcked it sending of report to my pc as i read it actual keylogger is not detected by any antivirus so how can blocked by avast is there any solution?
    in other way every thing is so okay thanks guys pls answer it my question if u understood me
    thanks thanks thanks

  10. hey great man it is work on pc have you any app or soft which can spy any android phone pls?

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