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Author: Guillaume Roche-Chosson

Minimum MacOS version: 10.12

Joining Zoom meetings can be very painful. You're notified several minutes too early, you need to open your calendar, find the event, click on the link, go through a web browser redirection... And when you think you're in, here comes the password prompt forcing you to go back to your calendar event and copy-paste the password to finally join the meeting.

Imagine you can replace all these steps with a single click... This is not a dream, this is JustJoin!

JustJoin is a discreet app that connects to the Calendar app and monitors your Zoom meetings in real time. It is capable of finding the meeting number and password inside calendar events and display a notification at the right time.
You can even choose to be notified a few seconds or minutes before the actual start of the meeting, you will never be waited for again.

JustJoin is compatible with virtually any calendar providing service as long as you can configure your account in macOS Calendar app: Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Apple iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, ...

Don't worry about your privacy, your calendar data is processed by JustJoin app locally on your computer, there is no data sent to a server.

The developer of this application is not related to Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

bundleId: com.grc.JustJoin

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