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Author: Rishi Malhotra

Minimum MacOS version: 13.0

SchoolTrack is made to help you manage your student life! SchoolTrack is an all in one hub that can keep track of your schedule, notes, assignments, and tests.

Assignments and Tests:

- SchoolTrack can keep track of all of your assignments and tests. SchoolTrack also has the ability to set reminders, so you can stay up to date on your work!

Schedule and Notes:

- You can add your class schedule directly into SchoolTrack! SchoolTrack can also keep track of your class notes.


- SchoolTrack stays up to date across all of your devices on the same Apple ID, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.


- Customize SchoolTrack to your own liking! You can change the greeting to whatever you want! You can also set a custom theme!


- SchoolTrack also has a sticker pack built in that can be found in the messages app! Quickly reply to a friend with a sticker!

bundleId: com.vedantapps.WorkTrack

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